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Alexandria Pediatric Center was established in order to provide all medical and therapeutic services for children from birth to adolescence in one place and by a group of specialists in pediatrics and related medical branches.


The Center aims to facilitate the task of parents in caring for their children and to be safe For a healthy child in Alexandria city and to provide a specialized medical service, integrated and continuous 24 hours a day so that Alexandria Pediatric Center is one of the first similar centers in Egypt.


Our vision at the center is to take care of children with honesty, excellence and mastery to maintain their health, both medically and psychologically. For this reason, we have taken care of the interior design and equipment of the center to ensure the comfort, joy and safety of the child while in the center to alleviate his suffering during his illness. We also took care to ensure that employees are at the best level of professionalism in dealing with the child.

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Our Best Services

We are honored to provide various medical services as the first medical center that is unique to these services since 2007 and so far and we are still in permanent progress only to your land and provide optimal medical service for your children.

Emergency Room 24/7

A special qualified ER team is ready (24/7) for your Temporary medical care stay.


We have different inpatient rooms to be prepared before & after operations or for medical stay care.

Laboratory 24/7

you can visit our laboratory for all kinds of lab tests (24/7) with a high level of accuracy.


We have a full integrated highly equipped new born section with a provide of dedicated stuff.


You can find a wide range of specialities at the first time at one place for your child.

X-Ray 24/7

A (24/7) service of X-ray & Panorama with high technologies & Devices by qualified technicians & Spcialists.

Dental Clinics

You can make all kind of dental processes by qualified dentists at different hours all over the day.

Intensive Care

We have a highly integerated Intensive care unit with dedicated full stuff of doctors & nurses.


Our OR prepared with the highest level of equipments and sterilization to complete safe surgical procedures.

Psychology, Psychiatry & Neurology

A complete unit for the treatment of neurological and psychological diseases by perfect consultants in this specialty.

Clinical Pharmacy

An integrated clinical pharmacy unit to follow up and prepare the necessary medicines during the stay.


Integrated toxicology unit for rapid intervention in cases of poisoning in cases of children.

We provide 24/7 customer support.

Please feel free to contact us at (+2) 012-744-80001 For reservations and inquiries.

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Our Best Doctor

Gathering of the best and most efficient pediatricians in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


The first medical center for children has sub-specialties in one place.


We are expanding to serve El Agamy district by our new branch.

24X7 Service

We provide a continuous service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Toxicology Unit

The first place in Egypt that has a 24/7 hour pediatric toxicology unit.

Emergency Service

A 24 hour emergency unit is ready to receive emergency situations.

Meet Our Doctors

A selection of perfect consultants and pediatricians are available because your children's health is our concern.

Salah Zaher

Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Heart Diseases Alexandria University


- Pediatric Cardiology Consultant

Gamal Gharib

Pediatric Consultant

Managing Director

- New Born

Hisham Dea'bes

- Pediatric Consultant & Infection Diseases

Wael El Geaery

Pediatric Consultant

Medical Director

- New Born

Hossam Helmy

Pediatric Consultant


- New Born

Recent News

Our latest news and events at Alexandria Pediatric Center.

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If you have any questions simply use the following contact details.

  • Headquarter:

    El watanya medical building - 14 May road - Smouha - Alexandria.

  • El-Agamy Branch:

    198 Alexandria/Matrouh Road - El Hanouvil - Alexandria.

  • Email:



    Smouha    +2 03 3857011 - +2 012 744 80001
    EL-Agamy +2 03 3013060

  • FAX

    +2 03 3857015

Our Location


We are working 24/7 to introduce our best solutions all over the day hours.

Professional staff

We have the best consultants and specialists in pediatrics at your service always.

Modern Equipment

We use the latest and most reliable medical devices to ensure the efficiency of service.


You can register for an online booking to be contacted by a customer service representative.